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Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre on Ferry Road at Southport is a family friendly dental practice that you can trust. With the latest digital dentistry technology, we offer a comprehensive dental service that takes care of all your dental needs with personalised treatment plans and high quality care.

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Latest Digital Dental Technology

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Digital Panoramic Imaging

No longer need to travel for a full mouth x-ray (Orthopantomogram) as our new imaging hardware has been installed at our practice. With the help of digital x-rays we can take fast and accurate images of your teeth to assess any defects, infections and cavities.

Diode Soft Tissue Laser gold coast

Diode Soft Tissue Laser

Need minor soft tissue treatment? Our practitioners have invested in their skills and training to enhance the outcome of your treatment from deep periodontal tissues, tongue tie release, implant treatment, ulcerations and viral outbreaks, post oral surgery healing by the use of a diode laser.

Digital Smile Design Gold Coast

Digital Smile Design

Would you like to see what your teeth could look like before committing to extensive treatment? We can provide full digital design for you to view before commencing invasive treatment. Speak to our dentist at your next appointment to request service.

Dedicated Children’s Treatment

Non clinical area specially designed for children for the thumb sucking Cessation Program or the Pre Orthodontic Myofunctional treatment to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Intra Oral Camera

For fast and effective pictures of your teeth and mouth we use the latest technology available to record and capture the state of your dentition. A small wireless intra oral camera will help us demonstrate and show you in an instant, things you may not see yourself easily in your mouth. This image is then saved in your confidential patient chart for future reference and record keeping.

intra oral camera Gold Coast

Extra Oral Photography

At Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre we utilize high quality cameras and dental imagery to plan and organize before and after photos that assist patients with transitioning to their new smile.

Anxious about visiting the Dentist?

Light Sedation – Penthrox

We offer light relaxing sedation at an additional charge for those patients who are very anxious about their pending dental treatment. We use an inhaler that the patient will administer with the help of the dentist just before their treatment. This is a simple and safe relaxant that will help you get through your dental treatment in more comfort.

oral cancer screening gold coast

Oral Cancer Screening

At Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre we provide the latest technology in oral cancer screening. Oral ID fluorescence technology uses a blue light that allows the clinician to identify oral cancer, precancerous conditions, and other abnormal lesions at an early stage which can save lives.

Some of the risk factors are previous history of oral cancer, over 40 years of age, alcohol, smoking and using smokeless tobacco. Oral cancer incidence has increased over the last five years. It has a very high mortality rate due to its late stage discovery. Mortality of oral cancer is higher than the rates or cervical cancer, Hodgkin Lymphoma, testicular cancer and skin cancer. Book an appointment today at Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre to have your teeth and mouth checked by our professional team.

root canal treatment gold coast

Rotary Endodontic Treatment

Root canal treatment (also called Endodontic treatment) is sometimes necessary to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury.

At Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre we have invested in the latest technology to provide a safe and effective endodontic treatment to our patients. The use of a special motor called Reciproc® helps remove infected nerve from the tooth. This motor uses a single file per patient, so there is no chance of cross infection, less chance of instruments breaking inside the tooth, and by using this motor we can administer the right pressure and force to remove the infected nerve.

The objective of root canal treatment is to save a tooth as there is nothing stronger and better than your own tooth for biting and chewing.

Onsite Denture Laboratory

Our qualified technicians and dental prosthetist have their own dental laboratory where, with the help of the latest equipment and technology, we fabricate all our appliances. Our prosthetist will take the impressions in the surgery and will start fabricating your dentures onsite. This way no downtime is needed to send any of the work away. The prosthetist himself will have coordinated all necessary appointments needed for your custom-made dentures.

You can also fast-track any appliance in case of urgency, if it has been lost, broken or you have an important function to attend. The entire dental team works together in coordinating each patient’s appliances and dentures, and can minimise the need to travel to the practice multiple times.

In-Hospital Treatment Under General Anaesthetic

For those patients who require hospitalisation for complex dental treatment, extractions or implant placement we have the rights to treat these patients at Allamanda Private Hospital in Southport. Appointments and treatment will be coordinated with the anaesthetist, dentist and hospital for your convenience.

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