Patient Information

Oral Exam / Consultation

A patient’s initial visit to GCDC can be composed of 2 options.


“I only want this tooth ache gone or filling restored on my front tooth.”


“I have a broken denture and just want it repaired.”

Patients will be seen for treatment of request only and item codes for health fund claimed.

Patients may ask:


“I would like a thorough check-up whilst you are treating me for my concern.”

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In this case, impressions will be taken and study models will be provided for review. A more thorough appointment will be booked to discuss options and a proposal of treatment and cost will be given to the patient, helping the patient establish the health fund rebate and out of pocket costs.

During a thorough examination, patients can be given the flexibility of seeing the Dentist, Hygienist and Prosthetist during a scheduled appointment for the one consultation fee. This enables patients to receive the correct diagnosis for their desired treatment under the one location.

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