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Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre have expanded their services for children and now offer Myobrace on the Gold Coast for children aged 5-10 years. Myobrace is a natural and effective way to treat poor oral habits, also known as myofunctional habits, that are the underlying causes of crooked teeth.

Benefits Of Using Myobrace For Kids

Myobrace is a preventative pre orthodontic treatment for naturally straightening children’s teeth before their adult teeth come in.

Misaligned teeth and malocclusion is often attributed to genetics. However, recent research suggests that it’s more accurately a result of poor oral habits as a child that greatly impacted the growth and alignment of the teeth and jaw.

Myobrace allows parents to act quickly and correct a child’s poor oral habits while their faces are still growing. Poor myofunctional habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position, thumb sucking and reverse swallowing can be amended and prevent the need for expensive and lengthy orthodontic treatment in adult life.

The Myobrace method can:


Teach a child to breathe through their nose


Widen and develop the jaw and face


Enable the tongue to rest in the correct position


Improve the position of lips


Permanently straighten teeth without the need for braces

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How To Straighten Teeth With Myobrace

The Myobrace treatment is done through a series of removal dental appliances that are worn for 1-2 hours a day and overnight while the children are sleeping.

The appliances come in a range of types depending on the child and their individual circumstances. The treatment typically consists of four stages:


 Habit correction


Arch development


Final alignment



Straighten Kids Teeth With Myobrace

Why Trust Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre With Myobrace?

Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre are leaders in the early detection of malocclusion issues in children and of using the Myobrace system to treat them effectively.

If you suspect your child may benefit from Myobrace, the first step is to book a complimentary consultation with our highly trained practitioner, Imola Foster. A thorough evaluation of your child’s poor oral habits and dental history is needed to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for the Myobrace system.

If yes, we’ll put together a tailored treatment plan for your child that will be carefully monitored by the dentist. Daily activities to improve breathing, muscle function and tongue posture complete the treatment schedule to improve facial development. This results in straighter teeth and a happier, healthier child.

Parents choose Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre for Myobrace for these reasons:


20 years’ experience


High-quality dental care and treatments


Qualified practitioners who specialise in children’s dental, Myobrace & oral myology


Upfront pricing before treatment begins


Latest equipment and techniques


Relaxed, fun environment for young patients

Straighten Teeth The Natural Way

As a top provider of Myobrace on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre helps young patients reverse the effect of poor oral habits to straighten teeth naturally without the need for braces in adulthood. Call our practice today to find out whether Myobrace can benefit you and your child.

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