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Do you have a child that won’t stop sucking their thumb? You’re not alone and help is available. Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre are proud to be one of the few dental clinics who offer a certified thumb sucking quit program on the Gold Coast.

Our highly qualified oral health therapist can assist your child in breaking the thumb sucking habit. Get real results with a thorough assessment, personalised treatment plan and exceptional support for kids and their parents.

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Why Do Children Suck Their Thumb?

We meet a lot of parents who are amazed at their child’s sucking. Many claim, “they’ve been doing it since they were in the womb,” and they’re not kidding.

Sucking is a primitive reflex that we are all born with, one that infants associate with warmth and safety. It is the endorphins and dopamine that is produced in the brain during sucking that gives babies pleasure and comfort. As infants get older, this self soothing comfort can sometimes transfer to a finger, or a thumb or an object, still producing the same calming and relaxing effects.

Beyond the age of 18 months, however, if children are still sucking, it has merely become a habit or a symptom of a bigger issue.

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Why Is Thumb Sucking A Bad Habit?

Prolonged and vigorous sucking can affect normal development of the jaws. The forces that are placed on the soft growing bones of the palate by the digits and thumb are not an ideal shape or pressure.

That role actually belongs to the tongue, which is meant to rest in the roof of the mouth shaping it into a nice horseshoe shape as the child grows. A child who sucks, however, generally has a habit of keeping their tongue in a low resting position, often underneath a digit or thumb.

The forces of the thumb can displace the adult teeth causing them to become maligned. For most parents, that statement translates into one word – “braces.” 

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Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to other oral health issues in children, including:


An overbite where the upper front teeth protrude outwards


An open bite where the top and bottom teeth become misaligned


Speech problems, such as lisps


Eating problems


Mouth-breathing issues


Callouses and cuticle infections

Thumb Sucking Cessation Program

We’re a certified thumb sucking clinic program provider in Southport. We understand how difficult it can be for children to give up thumb sucking and how frustrating it can be for their parents.

Our oral health therapist, Imola Foster, is highly qualified and experienced in treating pre orthodontic and myofunctional conditions and is a registered provider in early intervention for thumb sucking.

In a safe and relaxed space, your child will have a comprehensive assessment to determine the effect that thumb sucking is having on the healthy growth and development of their teeth and jaw.

We’ll then be able to employ cutting-edge strategies tailored to your child’s individual needs and sucking habits. We’ll also provide professional advice and support for parents to keep you actively involved in your child’s journey to better oral health.

Dummies & Pacifiers Program

We also offer a personalised program to help wean your young children off dummies and pacifiers at an early age. Dummies should only be used by babies when they need it and not all the time so they can develop correct speech, feeding and functional habits. We’ll give you practical advice, information and leading tools to guide and support your child in breaking the habit.

What Are Some Tips To Boost Your Child’s Early Orthodontic Development?

While we offer several programs to help children stop sucking, the best method is to try and avoid the reliance on this habit. Here are a few tips you can use:

Breastfeed if you can

Did you know that breastfeeding is nature’s way of developing your baby’s little face and tongue muscles? Studies show that breastfeeding helps to develop the muscles of the face and tongue and assists in establishing a nasal breathing pattern, all of which are essential for proper facial and jaw development.

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Introduce solids at 6 months

Introducing solids too early can contribute to a deviated swallowing pattern, which can in turn, influence growth of the jaws and patterns of the developing muscles. There is also concern regarding allergies and intolerances for foods introduced too early to little tummies that aren’t yet ready to cope with them.

bottle feed correly to avoid thumb sucking

Bottle feed correctly

As opposed to breastfeeding where the baby has to work the milk out of the breast by suckling, the teat of a bottle flows much more quickly. Baby has to use his tongue to hold the flow so he can swallow from time to time. This works different muscles of the face and the tongue upon swallowing compared to those exercised during breastfeeding.

To help minimise these issues, when feeding from a bottle, it is best to sit baby up, so that they are able to better control the flow of the milk from the teat. Also try to use bottles with teats that are wide, thick, soft and malleable, that mimics the breast as closely as possible.

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Choose the right sippy cup

It has been found, that the majority of sippy cups on the market and their long term use can also contribute to an improper swallow pattern. This is because of the hardness, shape and size of the average sippy cup’s sucking area. We recommend using a normal cup for your child to sip from as often as possible as children are able to swallow from a little cup from 6 months! Try a medicine cup if you like!

Why Choose Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre For Thumb Sucking Solutions?

Over 20 years’ experience supporting Gold Coast families

Qualified and experienced oral health therapists specialising in children’s dental and related issues

Friendly, relaxed clinic with a ‘no pressure’ approach for young patients

Caring and supportive team

All pricing provided before treatment starts, including any Medicare and health care coverage amounts available

Comprehensive oral hygiene programs for children

Focus on preventative dentistry and regular check-ups for kids to detect early dental problems and educate them on good oral health habits

Professional Thumb Sucking Specialists

We’re experts in thumb sucking cessation programs on the Gold Coast and can help your child kick the thumb sucking habit for good! Book an appointment with our oral health therapist today and let’s talk about the best solutions for you and your child.

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