Restorative and Preventative Services

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Free Dentistry

Over the years of use and tooth movement, amalgam fillings can move and become dislodged. While amalgam fillings are still available, our practice takes a holistic approach and will not place amalgam fillings for our patients. Most people choose to have old amalgam fillings removed. Our dentist will remove these safely by using a rubber dam to protect and prevent amalgam residue being inhaled during removal.

White / Tooth Coloured Fillings

White fillings refer to a material designed for placement inside teeth to restore decayed, chipped or broken teeth. They are made of a resin and are safe, compatible and with the help of a bonding agent adhere to the surface of the tooth. This way only minimal preparation is required and maximum tooth surface can be preserved. They are aesthetic and the colour will be matched to your natural tooth’s colour preventing anyone being able to see them.

White Fillings
Fissure Sealant.

Fissure Sealant

As the name suggest the sealant is placed in the fissures of the back teeth to prevent sticky foods getting into the grooves. It is a white resin material and can be put into place in a non-invasive procedure. The main age group for this treatment is the young teenager who can sometimes be more vulnerable to weakness in the developing tooth or have very deep grooves that are hard to clean. At Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre our oral health therapist will take care of and maintain your child’s oral health.

Oral Cancer Screening

At Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre we provide the latest technology in oral cancer screening. Oral ID fluorescence technology uses a blue light that allows the clinician to identify oral cancer, precancerous conditions, and other abnormal lesions at an early stage which can save lives.

Some of the risk factors are previous history of oral cancer, over 40 years of age, alcohol, smoking and using smokeless tobacco. Oral cancer incidence has increased over the last five years. It has a very high mortality rate due to its late stage discovery. Mortality of oral cancer is higher than the rates or cervical cancer, Hodgkin Lymphoma, testicular cancer and skin cancer. Book an appointment today at Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre to have your teeth and mouth checked by our professional team.

Oral cancer screening.
Oral hygiene program.

Oral Hygiene Program

Our oral health therapist and hygienist provides all our patients with regular appointments for scale and clean and gives all our patients oral hygiene instructions on correct brushing and flossing techniques. Prevention with an effective daily oral hygiene routine is best when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile and having fresh breath. No matter how vigilant you are with your oral care routine you can’t see what is going on at the back of your mouth or beneath your gum line.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems including gingivitis, oral infections, heart disease, strokes and periodontal problems. Schedule an appointment today with our hygienist at Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre and we will ensure that your regular visits are pleasant and you walk out with sparkling clean teeth every time.

Facial Pain / Grinding and Headaches

The joint that connects our jaw to our skull is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It allows the jaw to move freely so that we can eat, laugh and talk. Any problems with this joint can result in headaches and migraines. A misaligned jaw can cause the temporomandibular joint to become inflamed, causing muscle spasms, which in turn tighten up the muscles in the face, neck and shoulders. Furthermore, pressure may affect the nerves around the joint causing shooting pain around the ear and head.

If you are suffering from TMJ related pain, schedule a consultation today with our dentist at Gold Coast Dental and Denture Centre. Solutions may include wearing a mouth guard or splint while sleeping, implementing relaxing techniques and meditation, acquiring new fillings, crowns or orthodontics to correct an uneven bite which may be causing Bruxism.

Meditation and relaxation techniques.

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