Can I glue my denture back together?

In some cases and only in an emergency.*

  1. Using a paper towel or a hair dryer a patient can dry the surface of the denture. Dry it on both sides, making sure the denture is free of saliva or any foreign particles.
  2. Establish the correct position. Place superglue onto a dry surface, i.e. alufoil, dab denture pieces lightly into small amount of glue and place in a steady but firm position, blowing regularly onto surface without dislodging pieces. Make sure you don’t exceed the area to be repaired with glue.
  3. It is important that the denture is to be left out of the mouth for a minimum of half an hour. Be aware that this is an option you undertake at your own risk in the case of an emergency and it is important that you attend a clinic as soon as possible for professional repair.

* See glue manufacturer’s instructions.

Denture emergency.

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