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What are dentures?

A denture is a custom-made, removable appliance designed to replace missing teeth. A denture can replace all teeth in an arch or only some of the missing teeth. It is very important to replace missing teeth for several reasons such as appearance, mastication, chewing ability, support of remaining teeth. Without complete dentition you may not be able to chew your food properly and could therefore end up with the risk of developing digestive problems.

Dentures are not permanently fixed, instead they are supported by areas of the mouth and/or wire clasps. During your consultation with our dental prosthetist we can discuss the best design for your removable prosthesis. The dental prosthetist will provide you with a detailed assessment of your current situation and cost of recommended services.

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Types of Dentures

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Partial Dentures

As the name suggest, a partial denture replaces one or several missing teeth in either an upper or lower arch or both.

Sometimes a partial denture is required in one arch simply for appearance. More often it is required to improve mastication, but if remaining teeth are left unsupported, they may also drift sideways or over-erupt making future replacement considerably more difficult. By wearing a partial denture conservation of the remaining natural teeth is enhanced and wear and tear of remaining natural teeth is minimized, because chewing and grinding forces are more evenly distributed. A partial denture can significantly support the degree of wear on natural teeth.

Some of the commonly used materials are acrylic partials, nylon “Valplast” flexible partials and cast metal partials.


Acrylic partial dentures are of the lowest cost and because they are easy to repair, reline and are suitable for an uncomplicated addition of further teeth, they are generally advised where remaining dentition is doubtful or tooth loss significant. In some cases partial acrylic dentures will be made as a preliminary denture when patients are awaiting implant or permanent bridge work. Most acrylic dentures will have wrought wire retention clasps.


Flexible dentures are made from injected thermoplastic nylon. They are also sometimes known as “Valplast” flexible dentures. As the name suggests, they are flexible and clinically unbreakable and require no metal retainers because the flexibility of the base is used to retain the denture.


Cast metal partial dentures are generally thinner and smaller in the mouth than most other options and of course offer great strength and stability as well as support for remaining teeth. Because of the rigid frame, it is also possible to transfer bite forces to remaining teeth, by the use of metal rests on the occlusal surface of the supporting teeth. Retention of a cast metal partial denture can be either cast metal retainer, flexible nylon or tooth coloured resin.

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all your upper or lower teeth or both.

Conventional dentures are fabricated by the Prosthetist and usually entail approximately 5 appointments where impressions , bite registrations and wax try- in of the existing dentition is recorded and shown to the patient prior to completion.

Immediate dentures are placed in the mouth immediately after the remaining natural teeth have been removed. Before this appointment our dental prosthetist will take careful measurements and impressions of your mouth and teeth. Models of your mouth will be produced in our onsite laboratory and teeth will be chosen in the right colour and shape to replace the teeth for extraction. The dentures will be made and ready to be inserted by your dentist or prosthetist at the time of the extractions. Once the gum and tissue has healed, our dental prosthetist will take new impressions inside your immediate denture and they will be relined to have a new perfect fit.

This way you never have to walk around without any teeth.

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Implant Retained Dentures

Our dental prosthetist and dentist will explain procedures involved in implant dentistry. Optimum tooth replacement is achieved with dental implants and can be used in supporting full or partial dentures.

Implant retained dentures offer stability and support by anchoring the removable denture securely. The denture stays firmly in place while chewing and conversing, but can be easily removed for cleaning.

Two or more implants are used to stabilise a full lower denture. This allows freedom to eat whatever you like with the confidence that the denture won’t move in your mouth.

Implant retained dentures improve your confidence and look better aesthetically. Further benefits are stability during eating, increased preservation of natural bone, less food seepage under the denture, and a wider choices in dietary and nutritional matters.

Our practice offers “mini” or “keyhole” implants that have the benefit of no major surgery being required. They are highly successful, are the most affordable implant system available, and bring an immediate life changing transformation.

Conventional or “major” implants are surgically placed into the bone like natural roots and do not damage adjacent teeth. They require longer healing time than mini implants, estimated between 3-6 months.


As dentures are not permanently secured to the mouth, they rely on the surrounding support of the hard and soft tissue. Changes in the supporting bone and soft tissue, which happen naturally over time, may cause the denture to become loose. The shape of the fitting surface of the denture will change, requiring a reline approximately every 2-3 years. Also, on the issue of “immediate” dentures, where teeth have been extracted at the time of making the denture, it is important to note that after a period of 3-6 months, due to tissue healing and gum shrinkage, the dentures will need to be relined.

The procedure is simple, an impression is taken inside the existing denture and the dental prosthetist will process it in the onsite laboratory and a few hours later you will be able to return to the practice to get your new re-fitted dentures.

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Soft Reline is a material specially placed inside full lower dentures to provide a soft “cushioning” effect on your gums, making your denture more comfortable to wear. Talk to our dental prosthetist about the suitability of this option for you.

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Same Day Repair

Sometimes unfortunate things happen and you may drop your dentures while cleaning them, may bite into something hard or may lose a tooth by having it extracted. Our prosthetist offer the emergency service to have your dentures repaired while you wait in our comfortable surgery and they work in our onsite laboratory. We don’t need to send dentures away anywhere and you can have your confidence back and get on with your busy life.

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