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When you need urgent dental care, Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre is the most trusted emergency dentist on the Gold Coast. For over 20 years, locals have relied on us to provide exceptional treatment and fast relief to eliminate pain and restore smiles – all at a cost they can afford.

We offer emergency dental care for patients who require a qualified practitioner to fix or repair their teeth or dentures without a pre-existing appointment. We’ll fit you in to see a dentist so you can get the issue resolved quickly and get on with your day.

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Do you have a Dental or Denture Emergency

Common Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency comes in all shapes and sizes and can happen to anyone at any age. Here are the most common types of dental emergencies and what you can do while waiting to see a professional:

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Knocked-Out Tooth

If a tooth has come out, carefully pick it up by the crown and don’t touch the root. Rinse it and try to re-insert it if possible. If not, place the tooth in some milk and see Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre immediately for the best chance of saving it.

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Broken Tooth

Broken, chipped or cracked teeth could be a dental emergency if the edges are sharp or you’re in pain. Wash your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation before coming to see us.

Abscessed Tooth emergency dentist

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess is a real emergency and can lead to potentially life-threatening situations if left untreated. Common symptoms include, pain, swelling, fever, sore lymph nodes, tenderness and a bump near the infected area. Rinse your mouth with warm, salty water and see Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre as soon as possible for treatment.

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Broken or Lost Denture

If you have a denture emergency don’t despair. We can repair same day or fast track new dentures for patients, so call GCDC today for the best options available.

Emergency Denture Repairs Gold Coast

If you loose a tooth off your denture or your denture has become broken, cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, our qualified denture practitioner James can repair it. We specialise in same-day emergency denture repairs in Southport and for residents across the Gold Coast.

Can I Glue My Denture Back Together?

In some cases and only in a dental emergency.


Use a paper towel or hair dryer to gently dry both sides of the denture and ensure it’s free of saliva and particles.


Establish the correct position. Place superglue onto a dry surface and dab denture pieces lightly into a small amount of glue and place in a steady but firm position. Blow regularly onto the surface without dislodging pieces.


Leave denture out of mouth for at least 30 minutes. It’s important you get to Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre as soon as possible for professional repair.

The Most Trusted Emergency Dentist In Southport

When you need an emergency dentist on the Gold Coast, you can count on Gold Coast Dental & Denture Centre to resolve issues quickly and effectively. No matter what your emergency, we’ll fit you in to see one of our highly qualified practitioners who have the skills and equipment needed to fix it fast. Call our team today for further advice and information.

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